November 29, 2023

Bhutan Daily Bumper 7 PM Daily Results

As you know Bhutan daily bumper lottery draws occur twice each day and the draws occur at 12 PM and & 7 PM. In this blog, we will update and post the results of the daily draw that occurs at 7 PM. Game rules are the same for both the draws but there is a slight difference between both the draws i.e the difference in the number of balls. There are 60 balls in the draw that occurs at 12 PM and 90 balls in the draw at 7 PM. 

Live Results for Today’s 7 PM Draws


 Bhutan Daily Bumper 7 PM Daily Results

Bhutan Daily Bumper Result Today – 7:00 PM (5-9-2023)

Draw No 6035
Draw Time 7:00 PM
1st Prize (Rs. 25,00,000/-) 938624
2nd Prize (Rs. 10,00,000/-) 7265
3rd Prize (Rs. 5,00,000/-) 430

Lottery Rules

There are 6 divisions of the number of balls and the player can choose one number from each division, for example, he/she can choose one number from 1 to 15 and the next from 16 to 30. There is also a difference between the prize bonds of winning numbers of different categories. The first prize can be up to 2,500,000 depending on the number of tickets bought. In most cases, the first prize is 2,500,000 and 2nd and 3rd prizes are worth 1000000, and 500000 Indian rupees respectively. 

Hot Numbers

Some numbers are drawn more times in the past draws than other numbers, these frequently drawn numbers are called hot numbers. The hot numbers for the 7 PM draw of bhutan daily bumper results today are:

7,13,21,28,36,43,50,59,69,73,80, and 89

Cold Numbers 

Cold numbers are those numbers that are drawn at very low rates. The less frequent or cold numbers for the Bhutan lottery are:

9,14,17,24,32,44,53,58,60,74,81, and 88

Predictions for Today’s Winners

Now we are going to predict the winning numbers of today’s 7 PM draw. The prediction for today’s winning numbers is:

13,28,43,57,67, and 89

Keep in mind that these numbers are not final because they are only predicted numbers. So choose the numbers carefully because we will not be responsible in case of any mishap.

Conclusion and suggestions

After many observations, we have finally concluded that all the lottery games are luck-based and there is no shortcut way to win the lottery prizes. You should consider the lottery as a source of entertainment and a minor chance to win a huge amount of money but don’t take it more seriously. You should not invest so much in buying tickets for the lottery. If you play Bhutan daily bumper or any other lottery, play it on your behalf and responsibility. Good luck!